We Do It Because Passion Breeds Success

It's not until you hire us that you'll truly understand why Incentive Team is considered "the next generation in sales incentives." In the meantime, we can't think of a better way to explain why we do it than with our clients' own words...

The Incentive Team has been a tremendous partner to the Pfister organization and a great tool in driving our growth objectives. We had been live on our SPIFF site for several months, but we have been working with Incentive Team staff for almost a year now.

Instantly we recognized a significant difference in the way they go to business. Our previous vendor would never answer the phone, respond to our requests or even answer questions accurately for our SPIFF participants. Furthermore, with them everything was extra and took months to design or had to be designed only within their framework. From the development, to launch, to execution and all the great enhancements we have been making on the site, we knew we had found a true partner.

In the development of the site they had great insight in what works and what doesn't and as soon as we launched, we saw that our participants agreed. Incentive Team staff responsiveness is excellent. They are quick to tackle problems and questions and creative in providing solutions and long-term thought-leadership. Not only am I thrilled with their achievements, but our vendors, our participants and our field sales teams are all excited to use the new program and drive traffic to the site.

Furthermore, our program no longer feels static as if we update once a year and leave it. We have so many more opportunities for success in continuing to develop and grow our outreach in the program. I wholeheartedly recommend the Incentive Team.

Jamie Dorman, Product Manager

If your goal is to increase sales effectiveness with a large group of sales reps spread over a big territory then you need to contact Incentive Team.

Ashley Sleep partnered with Incentive Team in 2011 with the goal of training retail associates in 48 US states and Canada, and to create an exciting incentive program. Our goal was to drive sales, not just give away prizes. Any company will work with you, but Incentive Team staff became completely immersed in our product and mastered the nuances of our market and unique competitive advantages. We worked together to design a fun interactive training program consisting of a series of 90 second learning and testing modules. Completion of the 23 modules generated a certificate for the sales team member showing that they have completed the course of study.

We had over 4600 people sign up for the program, with the majority completing all courses. Their knowledge level increased and our sales increased four-fold for the program period. We gave away some great awards. Incentive Team staff custom tailored a catalog with 750 choices of products, plus our own product line. We were provided weekly updates, and program metrics were available to our factory personnel with the click of a button. In essence, our factory reps (Marketing Specialists) could access the site that Incentive Team designed for us on their iPad and get an exact read on the progress AND sales of any retail associate in any store. This made their sales calls fresh and up-to-date.

Incentive Team staff worked within our timeframe and within our budget. We have since utilized the Incentive Team for in-house training for our Marketing Specialists before our largest trade show. Their increased knowledge resulted in our greatest trade show sales ever. Join us and have the Incentive Team create a program to increase your sales teams' knowledge, sales, and fun factor. BTW - We are working with the Incentive Team for a new updated program for Spring

Gordon Hecht, Director of Sales