Incentive Programs that Turn Goals Into Achievements

Achieving the common goals of a company is a team effort. To be successful, everyone has to be on board. While cooperation and enthusiasm levels are usually high at the onset, maintaining that same motivation and drive along the way is no easy task. That is, unless you know how to keep things interesting.

At Incentive Team, we're masters of motivation and keepers of interest. Our primary business is designing cutting-edge incentive programs for companies looking to:

  • increase brand recognition
  • improve sales and profit margins
  • increase market share
  • launch and position new products
  • drive sales for a specific product or service
  • increase wellness among their workforce
  • Increase employee / customer engagement

Whether you're looking to change an employee behavior, improve morale, educate your sales force, or blow your competition clear out of the water, our strategy of blending fun, interactive training with worthwhile rewards are the incentive tools you need to turn your every goal into an achievement.

We Put Your Brand in the Hands of Your Customers

Exceptional managers understand that training is an opportunity not only to help their audience understand the benefits of their product, but to teach their sales force how to successfully position it within the market. Without those skills, it's just a matter of time before your products and your business are rendered extinct.

At Incentive Team, we help companies and their managers effectively develop the knowledge and skills of their workforce by designing and delivering specialized "eLearning" online training programs that get results. From comprehensive needs analysis to instructional design and course development, we can build any employee or customer training program you need from the ground up. Some of the authoring tools we use include Lectora, Captivate, Articulate, and Flash.

While many other incentive companies say they do training, it's but a paragraph compared to what we do. Find out today how Incentive Team can help you overcome the skills extinction curve and put your brand where it belongs—in the hands of your customers.

A Healthy Move that Benefits Everyone

Recent studies show that for every dollar spent on wellness programs, medical costs decrease by $3.27, and absenteeism costs drop by $2.50. From improved morale and increased productivity, to less absenteeism and lower insurance rates, increased revenue is just one of the payoffs of promoting a healthy culture among your workforce.

At Incentive Team, our cutting-edge training and incentive tools help today's visionary leaders engage, motivate, and educate their workforce and promote the benefits of health and wellness.

Whether you're looking to design and implement a new health initiative, or improve upon an existing wellness program, Incentive Team can help you get your people moving in the right direction.

Without innovation, we wouldn't be in business. That's why we look for and discover new ways to continue to push the envelope beyond our competition (and yours) every day. Here are a few examples of how we put our innovation to work for our clients:

Incentives and Training – When participants have an incentive and the product knowledge necessary to change their behavior, companies achieve their goals. Not only has Incentive Team mastered the art of incentive programs, we define our industry when it comes to training.

iPad/Smartphone Compatible Learning and Incentive Platforms – Flash…no-flash…web app. Wait until you see what we do with it.

Resource Maximization – An incentive platform should be more than an incentive program with your logo slapped in the corner. Considering our habit of motivating 7,000+ of our clients' most important customers into visiting their incentive platforms approximately 3.75 times a month, wouldn't you want them to have access to more material?

Structure – Give us 20 minutes…that's all we need to show you what a REAL incentive program looks like.

Do You Validate?

Rebate and loyalty programs are an effective way to generate sales and turn casual buyers into loyal customers. With our comprehensive data management system backing your initiatives, we can help keep those sales and customers rolling in by streamlining your entire sales validation process for you.

Some of the benefits of using our platform include:

  • Configurable rebate and loyalty program set-up and payout
  • Faster rebate and awards delivery
  • Ability to run multiple programs simultaneously
  • Comprehensive program data and analytics
  • Easy access to reports via mobile applications

From verifying proof of purchase to fulfilling customer awards and rebates, Incentive Team does it all.

Your Logo is Our Business

Your logo is as important to your brand as the products you deliver to your customers. Which is why we ensure the promotional products we hand-select and recommend to you suit your audience.

From logo'd drivers to logo'd hats, our online company stores are designed to represent your brand. Our system also includes full-service tracking features, allowing your key players to view reports and keep tabs on your valuable promotional data.

We Learn From Our Successes

When you have 5,000+ participants spending 5+ minutes on your incentive platform, 2 to 3 times a week, and completing 18+ training modules, it doesn't take long to learn the time and money-saving benefits of building a resource center into your program.

No matter what the question, our comprehensive document management services ensure your incentive program participants have the information they need to get their questions answered 24/7.

Yes… We deliver

No matter what type of incentive program you put in place, one thing's for sure—for your program to be successful, you have to be able to be able to deliver the goods.

With our warehouse centrally located in the United States, our pick & ship fulfillment system ensures your employees and customers receive their merchandise in a timely fashion. We can include your products with our online company store or develop a dedicated platform for you. All orders ship directly out of our warehouse on a daily basis to the U.S. and Canada.

From fulfilling employee incentive award orders to providing customers with free gifts and marketing materials, Incentive Team delivers!