Unlike those cookie-cutter incentive programs that bear no originality other than your company logo, our incentive programs are custom-made around the unique needs of your business, and your people.

Aside from our genuine passion, incentive program experience, and expertise, some of the program features that separate us from the pack are...

  • Comprehensive eLearning training modules
  • A customized platform with individualized dashboards
  • Real-time program performance data and analytics
  • Online product and program information resources
  • Compatible iPad, iPhone & other mobile device functionality
  • Customized employee, customer & sales tracking data

⇖⇖⇖ As for how we ignite participation and drive behavior, that's where our five magic "in's" come into play.

Developing a message that engages and inspires your audience into action is important to the success of your initiatives. To cut through the noise and ensure your message is received, Incentive Team uses the following communication strategies as launching pads for success . . .

  • Web Applications
  • QR Codes
  • DVDs
  • YouTube

. . . and, of course,
that's just where the fun begins!

Time spent investigating is time spent learning how to help our clients succeed. It's our job to keep our ears on the ground and our fingers on the pulse of information.

Field Research – The more we're in the field, the more we know how to move the needle.

Program Data – Not all customers are the same. With valuable program data at our fingertips, we can help define where your company is strong, where it is weak, and where the next opportunity resides.

Evolution – We know where we start isn't where we will end. Based on data from the program we recommend tweaks to help you get the most from your participants.

Competitive Research – We always have to keep one eye on your competition to know that we are truly ahead of the curve. Expect monthly dialogues discussing what the competition is doing.

According to the dictionary, initiate means "cause (a process or action) to begin." We prefer to define it as "igniting people into action."

Training – When people understand how to position a product more effectively, they feel empowered. Empowered sales people close more sales. More sales puts more money in your pocket.

P2P MarketingCorporate training is one thing, but when you have customers telling your other customers how they sold your products to their customers, you have a captivated audience. It's time to mesmerize.

Variable Ratio – Promotions tied to variable ratio make incentive programs more exciting and more fun (not to mention engaging). Variable ratio is one of the most powerful strategies one can implement in a sales incentive program.

Twitter – Knowing how to use social media to your advantage in your program keeps your customers focused on your program in a cost effective way.

Engagement – Engagement is a no-brainer. Mindshare is market share. Not only can we demonstrate the strategies we use to keep your participants focused on the prize, we have the data to prove it.


Without innovation, we wouldn't be in business. That's why we look for and discover new ways to continue to push the envelope beyond our competition (and yours) every day. Here are a few examples of how we put our innovation to work for our clients:

Incentives and Training – When participants have an incentive and the product knowledge necessary to change their behavior, companies achieve their goals. Not only has Incentive Team mastered the art of incentive programs, we define our industry when it comes to training.

iPad/Smartphone Compatible Learning and Incentive Platforms – Flash…no-flash…web app. Wait until you see what we do with it.

Resource Maximization – An incentive platform should be more than an incentive program with your logo slapped in the corner. Considering our habit of motivating 7,000+ of our clients' most important customers into visiting their incentive platforms approximately 3.75 times a month, wouldn't you want them to have access to more material?

Structure – Give us 20 minutes…that's all we need to show you what a REAL incentive program looks like.


In case you haven’t noticed, we are a passionate, forward-thinking bunch. United together with the sole purpose of achieving clients objectives (and breaking a few rules in the process), Incentive Team leads the way in . . .

  • Program Design
  • Training Modules
  • Data Management
  • Customer Service
  • Account Management
  • Product Fulfillment

If you aren't breaking any rules, are you really trying?

Call us... and we'll help change your world.